The Martian

The Martian - Andy Weir Probably the most enjoyable book I've read in years, possibly ever. I loved the humor, loved the plot, loved the main character. There were long chucks of some what unaccessible science-y talk, but being an Electrical Engineer, I know just enough about the other engineering/science fields to find the long diatribes about oxygenators and water reclamation equipment accessible and interesting, yet I don't know enough to know whether Weir was just pulling it all of out his ass. I started off being slightly annoyed that the Mars mission didn't follow the plan laid out in [b:The Case For Mars|20053272|The Case For Mars|Robert Zubrin||27735947], but if he had, there wouldn't be too much drama.

Watney's wry, irreverent tone had me from the start, and kept me reading despite initially being slightly put off. I took him more as the NASA version of Capt. Reynolds, rather than an annoying "bro", which he might have come off as to others. I laughed out loud at his quips more times than I could count.

More in the spoiler zone...

Some of the plot points got a little over the top, but most were believable, with a certain amount of suspension of disbelief. The final rendezvous was a bit too over the top for me. I found Watney's log to be far more enjoyable to read than anything else back on Earth or Hermes, though the moment when the girl discovered that Watney was still alive was magical. I can see why the Earth chapters were included, but they aren't nearly as good as the mission log ones.

My only real complaint is that the book is over. Such a fun, engaging reading. I do feel like it was light on the denouement. I had a feeling it would be light on the wrap-up, which was confirmed when I looked down and Watney was still on the MAV at 97%. I really wanted to know how Watney adjusted to life with other people, and back on Earth. I suppose that wasn't the story Weir wanted to tell, which is understandable. Wouldn't want the book to drag on, but maybe he'll write The Earthling. Probably not, but a guy can hope.