An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines - John Green Original review:
Colin makes a bit more sense to me by the end of the book. I think the last few chapters pulled it up from a 2-star to a 3-star read for me.

Editted 4-27-13: I have been thinking about this book rather often since reading it, which is a sign of a good book if you ask me. Better than I originally gave it credit for, surely. I knocked it for its rather thin plot and its lighter tone in comparison to some of Green's other books, but to be honest, the heavy-hitters have stuck with my far less than the main theme of this book. In the end, this book tells us that it is okay to be average, we can't all win the McArther Genius Award, or find world renown, but life can still be beautiful regardless. This is a message that I need to head more often. Bumped to 4 stars.